Marijuana Growers Reveal How to Grow “Top-Shelf” Buds, a website dedicated to teaching medical marijuana patients how to grow their own medicine, recently released a document with the “biggest insider secrets to growing Top-Shelf buds” In the medical marijuana world, “Top-Shelf” buds are the kind of marijuana that earn top prices, sometimes selling as much as $75 for an eighth-ounce of these dried and specially processed marijuana flowers. “Just about anyone can grow marijuana,” claims Nebula Haze, co-owner and founder of, “but there are a few insider ‘tricks’ to growing the kind of marijuana that is truly the best of the best. Luckily, I and the other growers at Grow Weed Easy are dedicated to getting this information out into as many grower’s plans as possible.” The article, called “7 Tips to Growing Truly Star-Quality Marijuana Buds” ( goes over everything from genetics to the perfect humidity needed to evoke the best response from this sacred plant. According to Nebula, “Star-quality buds are strong, smooth, and absolutely sparkle with trichomes that resemble glitter dusting the marijuana flowers. Trichomes are the part of the plant that contain the most THC, CBD, and the other substances that provide relief to symptoms like anxiety and nausea, which make this plant invaluable to medical marijuana patients. The main trick to growing top-shelf buds is to specially stimulate the plant to grow a much higher concentration of trichomes than it normally would.” Having recently teamed up with other experienced growers, and releasing a weekly growing newsletter, has been expanding their efforts towards getting “how to grow marijuana” information into the hands of medical marijuana patients across the country and around the world. Sirius Fourside, another top grower at said, “Growing great marijuana isn’t hard. The problem most growers have is they just don’t have access to the information they need. We are going to change that.”

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Marijuana Growers Reveal How to Grow "Top-Shelf" Buds, 7.6 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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