Marijuana is more acceptable than pornography

sexy boss in office hbtv hemp beach tvA new law that restricted the sale of marijuana-themed magazines has been dropped, even before it was implemented.

According to, part of Colorado’s marijuana policy would have included a severe limitation on marijuana-themed magazines, placing them in the same spot as porn magazines – hidden at the back of the shelf.

Instead, state lawyers and booksellers requested that the law be banned, reported, because it was ‘unconstitutional’.

“The government can regulate the time, place and manner of free speech if there is compelling governmental interest, but it can’t just bar minors from being able to look at or purchase certain publications unless we’re talking about obscenity.

“We said when the law was passed that it was not only dumb but obviously unconstitutional, and it didn’t take long for attorneys representing pot-themed publications and booksellers to challenge the law in federal court on First Amendment grounds,” stated the The Denver Post Editorial Board on

The banning of marijuana-themed books and magazines would have taken away the freedom of speech of such publications, especially considering that the drug was made legal in Colorado for recreational purposes, reported

So it seems weed-lovers like US rapper Snoop Lion need not worry anymore; marijuana reads will be readily available on the shelves. Do you think marijuana-based magazines should be treated differently from other genres?

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