Marijuana law reform group miffed after exclusion from St. Patrick’s Day parade

DFW-norml police car hbtv hemp beach tvIt is an ironic statement — a former police car now promotes marijuana reform, and its owners hoped to drive it in the 34th Annual Greenville Avenue St. Patrick’s Day Parade Saturday.

“We were not coming down there and telling everybody to smoke marijuana. We’re coming down there to advocate changing the law,” said David Sloane, DFW NORML.

The vehicle belongs to D/FW’s chapter of NORML — the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws. The group is a bona fide 501(c)(3).

It applied to be in the parade and was willing to pay the $500 entry fee.

But parade organizers just said no.

“They said we were ethically inappropriate to be involved in the parade,” explained Pete Marrero, DFW NORML.

Taverns and pubs along Greenville have long been allowed floats in the parade. The crowd – an estimated 100,000 – can get rowdy, too.

But organizers told News 8 they have eliminated strip clubs from participating over the years, and don’t want anyone advocating illegal drugs either.

“This parade will never be a kids’ parade, but it is a parade where kids attend,” said Jake Levy, Greenville Ave. Area Business Association. “We just thought it wasn’t the right thing to do to have these guys come out.”

D/FW NORML said it’s still coming out, and bringing its car nicknamed “The Truth Enforcement,” but will have to sit parked along the route rather than in the parade.

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