Marijuana Mailed to Louisiana from El Paso

Monday, a package containing 4 pounds of marijuana arrived through the U.S. Mail to Todd’s Car Wash in Lafayette Louisiana. It was addressed to the to the business, rather than a specific person. Todd Lamaire, the owner, happened to be there right as the package arrived and he opened it, thinking it was some kind of part for the car wash’s equipment. He quickly notified the police.

When the police arrived, they contacted the Postal Inspector as well as El Paso Police, since the return address on the package was listed to a home on Silver Cloud Drive, in northeast El Paso. The El Paso Police were not able to comment on the investigation, but postal inspectors confirmed that there was an ongoing investigation on the incident. Lafayette’s Metro Narcotics unit told us that the address was likely a dummy address, but the Postal Service Inspectors were able to trace the package to a post office in the El Paso area.

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