Marijuana Operation busted in Nacogdoches county

The Nacogdoches County Constable Office precinct 4 along with the Texas Department of parks and Wildlife has seized a significant amount of marijuana plants late Friday after noon. Constable Jason Bridges stated that he received a call from Game Warden Heath Bragg, Friday afternoon after he had received information from a nearby resident of a possible marijuana field on Cr. 529 near the isolated Shawnee River bottom. Deputy Rusty Allen with the Constable Office and Warden Bragg responded to the area and conducted a search. Both officers quickly found the field of marijuana with the assistance of the eye witness. When conducted the search officers were able to locate three tents that had were set up and were occupied by two Hispanic males. When officers approached both of the subjects, one fled on foot and the other subject was quickly apprehended.

Bridges stated that officers found a loaded 20 gauge shotgun that was laying beside the suspect that was taken into custody. It is unknown at this time if the other subject is armed. Bridges stated that due to the heavy brush and thick woods in the area, the Texas Department of Public Safety was notified and sent a helicopter to assist in the search. With the assistance of the Nacogdoches County Sheriff Office and other Game Wardens that responded to the scene, officers were able to secure the area and a search began for the other subject. Officers searched until dark but have been unable to find the 2nd subject. He has been described as a young Hispanic male seen wearing only cut off shorts. He was wearing no shirt at the time he fled.

Constable Bridges along with other Nacogdoches County law enforcement and including state law enforcement will pick up the man hunt first thing Saturday morning. Constable Bridges stated that Deputy Constables and Deputy Sheriffs have remained in the area throughout the night keeping the area secure. We believe due to the remote location and the subject not having a vehicle, that he will have a hard time getting out of the area on foot. Constable Bridges is requesting that local citizens in the area keep a watchful eye for anyone fitting this description. Anyone seeing this suspect should call 911.  Constable Bridges stated that his office, along with the Sheriff Office, Texas parks and wildlife and DPS narcotics will began to remove all the marijuana plants Saturday morning. Bridges estimated a thousand or more marijuana plants that range from 4 foot to 8 foot in height. Bridges advised that so far at least three different marijuana fields have been found. The suspects have been living in the woods for months tending to these marijuana plants.  The Nacogdoches County Constable Office Precinct 4, arrested Primitivo Dijar at the scene and he was transported to the Nacogdoches County Jail on charges of possession of marijuana a 2nd felony.

via : KYTX

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