Marijuana plants found on Pleasant Street in Wakeman

WAKEMAN — A marijuana grow operation was discovered in a Pleasant Street house when police were following up Monday on a domestic disturbance on Sunday, according to Wakeman police. Police received information that there could be drug use at a residence on the 20 block of Pleasant Street. Police met with the homeowner and victim of domestic violence from Sunday. The report from that domestic violence situation was forwarded to the Wakeman law director for possible charges, police said. The victim gave the officers consent to search the residence for drug activity. Wakeman Police Chief Tim Hunker and Wakeman officer Eric Bardar located a make shift marijuana grow operation in the garage with less than 10 plants. There was a large grow light inside a small structure made of Styrofoam with reflective type material attached to the walls. Inside the structure were pieces of marijuana plants along with pots and dirt.

There were suspected marijuana leaves and stems throughout the garage area, the report said. Two marijuana pipes seized as well as marijuana plants that had been cut and stored on the garage wall to either dry or use at a later time, according to the report. Police also found a dismantled marijuana operation in the basement that looked like it could of held five to six plants at one time, Hunker said. There were pots with plants that had been cut along and pieces of suspected marijuana leaves throughout the basement. The operation appeared to be old. The homeowner said she did not frequent those areas and was unaware of the grow operation. The man who lived with her, Jason Foley, 37, was later arrested for domestic violence. He was taken to Huron County Jail, Hunker said. The homeowner said she was aware of Foley’s marijuana use, but not aware that plants were being grown in her house. Foley is the only other adult who stays with her. Police are still investigating the situation and other charges could be coming, Hunker said.

via : Morning Journal

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