Marijuana plants seized

Eight officers descended on a bushy area on Smith’s Hill Drive at around 9:30am this morning. The raid was part of the police’s Greenleaf Operation to tackle the cultivation of cannabis on the island. Police remained on the scene for three hours and conducted a thorough search of the surrounding area. Chief Inspector Hashim Estwick told the Bermuda Sun that no arrests had been made yet. He added: “The bushy area where the pots of marijuana plants were found is very close to a school and a number of properties. “As well as finding the plants we also found accessories like water cans which were relevant to the cultivation. “I can confirm that we have not made any arrests yet but we would like to hear from anyone who knows the people responsible for cultivating marijuana in this area of St David’s. “We will continue to target areas where we believe that marijuana is being grown illegally – not just in St David’s but across the island. “We are determined to tackle the effects that these drugs can have on the community.” Anyone with any information about the seizure should call Chief Inspector Estwick at Southside Police Station on 247 1907.

via : Bermuda Sun

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