Marijuana question asked to Miss California on Miss USA Pageant

If you didn’t see Miss California pull the card out to pick the Pageant judge, you might have thought it was staged on Sunday night. On live television at the Miss USA Pageant, Caroline Manzo one of the judges asked Miss California about her take on Marijuana in the ‘final’ question.

Oddly enough, the Miss USA pageant has thousands of little girls who one day dream of being on stage. The question, posed in a way that would open the door for other question from viewers, didn’t seem all that appropriate for the evening. It didn’t fit with the others answered and asking Miss California seemed completely awkward.

Caroline Manzo’s question was: Many have argued that Marijuana should be legalize and taxed to boost the economy and alleviate drug wars. Do you believe in legalizing medical Marijuana? Why or why not?

Of course the contestant answer the question to the best of her ability, distinguishing the difference between medical Marijuana and pot use, but it still leaves one wondering why with an anti-drug stance the pageant has always portrayed this type of social question was asked.

Amazingly the question was answered correctly adding points and giving the Miss USA 2011 title to Miss California USA 2011, Alyssa Campanella.

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