Marijuana themed restaurant Cheba Hut not welcome in P.B.

cheba hut hbtv hemp beach tvA successful franchise is having a hard time setting up shop in Pacific Beach. The franchise owners of The Cheba Hut, a marijuana themed sandwich shop, were turned away when trying to buy a location on Mission Boulevard. The restaurant hosts a 420 friendly vibe with everything named on the menu having some kind of marijuana reference.

Pot–Weho“It’s a counter culture theme,” said owner Jordan Robinson. “It’s controversial. We’re not saying bring your kids here, but we are saying we have a great product.” The Cheba Hut started in Arizona and has 16 locations, one near SDSU. The food on the menu is not made with marijuana but the decor refers to pot and menu items like ‘blunt’ and ‘chronic’ go along with their theme.

“We even have Kool-Aid on tap,” said Robinson. Robinson and his business partner, Ryan Snyder, made an offer to buy a space in Pacific Beach. They were approved to buy and were even in escrow when the sellers, Covey Commercial, pulled out refusing to sell them the property.

“We waited a month to hear,” said Robinson. “They rejected us. All they told us was because the theme.” Fox5 emailed Covey Commercial for a comment, but no one returned our emails. Meanwhile, some people say they’re relieved. “It’s not something I want in my backyard,” said Sarah Lucas. “We will continue to look in PB,” said Robinson. “We’re gonna be down there regardless.”

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