Marijuana training up for 1st test in CO Senate

DENVER — A proposal to increase training for medical marijuana workers in Colorado faces its first test in the state Senate. Senators are considering a bill setting up an optional “preferred vendor” classification for dispensaries and other companies that deal with medical marijuana. Under the proposal, business owners could decide to give all their employees additional training in exchange for a chance at softer penalties if they ever run afoul of state marijuana rules. The “preferred vendor” proposal is modeled after a similar program offered to businesses that sell alcohol. Employees have to be trained in spotting fake IDs — or in this case, fake medical marijuana patient cards. Employees also have to be given extra training in state regulations. Marijuana industry groups favor the bill.

via : necn

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Marijuana training up for 1st test in CO Senate, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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