Marijuana users can be productive

I take great offence to the statement that marijuana use essentially turns people into useless and unmotivated human beings.

I have been a marijuana user for many years, and I graduated from high school with a Double Dogwood (a diploma for English and French), and even went on to university, from which I graduated with distinction.

I am now a “thinking, productive, contributing member” of society with a well-respected position in my field, and I am not alone. I know many marijuana users who have excellent jobs – from business managers to captains and computer techs – and who are active and functioning in their community. These are not “low achievers.”

I would venture a guess that the writer interacts with many successful and capable people on a regular basis who, unknown to him, are occasional or even regular marijuana users. I will agree that the use of marijuana can become a problem for some people, particularly youth, but I find that those are people who may have had underlying issues to begin with.

If we were to decriminalize and regulate the use of marijuana, we could, as we have done with alcohol and tobacco, limit the use to those over a certain age.

I impatiently wait for the day that people open their eyes and their minds to see that the current system (as with the failed abolition of alcohol) is absolutely not working.

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