Mark Wahlberg Confirms Uncharted Casting

To most of us geeks of the world, Nathan Fillion represents the perfect casting of just about any character ever, but perhaps never moreso than that of Nathan Drake, the wry, yet capable hero of the Uncharted franchise. And to those very same geeks, Uncharted represents perhaps the most appropriate, action-packed and ultimately imaginable game-to-film property circulating in Hollywood today. Too bad that when the Uncharted movie finally releases, it’ll have none of those elements whatsoever.

Rumors that Mark Whalberg – whose performance is currently being bolstered by the exceptional Christian Bale in The Fighter – is a lock for the role appear true as the actor continues to discuss the title on the film’s press tour, practically confirming to site MovieHole that he is, in fact, attached to play the sardonic hero.

“David O. Russell is writing right now and hopes to direct,” said Wahlberg. “It’s myself, Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro.”

Now, that could all be premature if Russell isn’t yet a lock to direct, as any other director could substantially change the casting, tone and indeed the script itself. But as it stands, with Russell and his former collaborator Wahlberg namedropping the project with such frequency, it feels like the pair is giving both studios and fans the hard sell. Despite the fact that Russell has previously stated that he wants to turn the film into an adventure about a family of antiquities experts. We’re hoping he means “family” in that “your friends are your 21st century family” kind of way. Otherwise, that’d be a drastic change to the Drake / Sully / Alluring Female scenario of games past.

What do you think? Who’d be right for the Uncharted film? Or will Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception be cinematic enough to make a movie redundant?

via: G4

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