Mason marijuana dispute pits landlord, tenant

On Sept. 19 an officer responded to a landlord tenant dispute where he met with the property owners, their attorney and the two tenants. The building owners had become aware — after a criminal search warrant had been executed — that the lessees had been growing marijuana in the building, which had originally been leased as a construction business. The attorney had filed a 24-hour notice to terminate the lease and the owners changed the locks on the building. One of the lessees advised he had a license to grow the marijuana, the case was going to court and they were at the building to claim their business property. They alleged they had not been notified of the Notice to Quit and the lease was still valid. They then asserted a right to retrieve their property but couldn’t because of the new locks and they would be forced to break into the building to do so. Because both parties took on a hostile stance with each other, a second officer responded. It was eventually determined the matter was civil, there was no hold on the property because of the drug investigation and the officers would not advise anyone what to do as far as entering the premises. After this determination was made, one lessee took a sledge hammer and broke out the steel rods at the bottom of the garage door he had installed for security reasons. In the end, the owner and lessees came to terms and the officers cleared the scene.

via : LansingStateJournal

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