Medical Marijuana Could Spark Economic Boon

boston gardian hbtv hemp beach tvNapoli isn’t the only one intrigued by medical pot’s moneymaking potential. Attorney Shaleen Title represents a national law firm specializing in medical marijuana. For a small fee, she’ll meet with anyone interested in becoming a supplier.

“For about $300, we’ll sit down and talk with the person one on one about their individual situation, the questions they have about the law, and give them a better idea of whether it’s right for them or not,” Title said.

Title says medical marijuana will create an economic boom – with new demand for everything from accountants to lab equipment to specialized software programs. And of course, knowledgeable lawyers.

“There’s a famous quote, ‘When everyone’s looking for gold, it’s a good time to be in picks and shovels business,’” she said. “We consider ourselves to be in the picks and shovels business.”

Not everyone is excited about the coming green rush. The state Department of Public Health is still hammering out key details of the medical marijuana law — including how many dispensaries there will be. Framingham town manager Bob Halpin says that’s a problem.

“The uncertainty we face is, what does a treatment center look like?” he said. “What are the ground rules for how it operates?”

Halpin wants the state to push the law’s implementation from April to July, to give cities and towns more time to plan.

“Allow us this the time this spring to be thoughtful and deliberate, to adopt zoning regulations that would take effect before businesses could open,” he said.

Back in Dudley square, Jon Napoli is ready now — and thinks his neighbors are too.

“The more educated people are on this issue, the more they’re for it,” he said. “The more they see the positive benefit.”

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