Medical marijuana dispensaries banned

The Yreka City Council has officially banned medical marijuana dispensaries from opening for business within the city limits.


During its Thursday meeting, the council (with the exception of Mayor Pro-Tempore David Simmen, who was absent) voted unanimously to adopt Ordinance 817, which modifies the municipal code to prohibit medical cannabis distribution facilities. It also prohibits groups from collectively or cooperatively cultivating the plant for distribution.

Under the new chapter that the ordinance adds to the municipal code, health care and hospice agencies are not considered medical marijuana distribution facilities. Medical cannabis distribution within these agencies is still permitted under the new ordinance, as long as they are in compliance with the health and safety code.

Yreka’s ban on medical cannabis distribution facilities comes on the heels of a new law – Assembly Bill 1300. It gives local governments the authority to regulate or ban marijuana dispensaries within their borders.

During the Sept. 15 meeting, the council held a public hearing and voted to introduce Ordinance 817. The Daily News article regarding the ordinance introduction prompted 63 comments online. However, there were no public comments to support or oppose the ordinance at last Thursday’s meeting. In addition, none of the council members commented on its adoption.

The ordinance states that, “According to news stories widely reported and according to medical marijuana advocates, medical marijuana dispensaries have resulted in and/or caused an increase in crime, including burglaries, robberies, violence, illegal sales of marijuana to, and use of marijuana by, minors and other persons without medical need in the areas immediately surrounding such medical marijuana distribution facilities. The city council reasonably anticipates that the city of Yreka will experience similar adverse impacts and effects.”

The ordinance will go into effect in November. There is currently a moratorium on the issuance of business licenses for Yreka medical marijuana distribution facilities that will lapse on Oct. 19.

via : Siskiyou Daily News

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