Medical marijuana dispensaries raided in Grand Rapids Michigan

marijuana shops raided hbtv hemp beach tvAt least one Grand Rapids medical marijuana dispensary is serving its clients again, after being raided by the Grand Rapids Police Vice Unit.

Lieutenant Rich Nawrocki says police took marijuana and other products from three clubs Wednesday.

Medical marijuana dispensaries were ruled to be illegal by the Michigan Supreme Court in February.

The state attorney general gave county prosecutors the go-ahead to start shutting down dispensaries.

“They took the computer, they took the fax machine, they took the artwork off the walls even,” said Anthony Brown, owner of Natural Wellness.

“They took scales, medicine for our patients. Our checkbooks, our logs,” said David Overholt, owner of Mid-Michigan Compassion Club.

Both Overholt and Brown saw thousands of dollars worth of marijuana and supplies disappear within minutes
when the vice squad dropped in unexpectedly Wednesday afternoon with a search warrant.

Lt. Nawrocki says they confiscated everything to determine how the dispensaries are running their operations.

When the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that medical marijuana users weren’t allowed to buy from dispensaries, patients were given two options — find a licensed caregiver, or grow their own marijuana.

Overholt insists his shop isn’t breaking that rule.

“A patient would have to arrive with their caregiver in order to receive their meds, or their caregiver would have to be present to pick up their meds for their patients,” he said. “So we weren’t breaking the interpretation of the supreme court laws. So we’re a little confused here as to what prompted all of this.”

WZZM 13 News contacted the Kent County Prosecutor Thursday, but he wasn’t available to answer our questions.

Meanwhile, Brown isn’t backing down.

“They took all the medical marijuana,” he said.

But when asked what everything in front of him was, he said: “That’s medical marijuana, business as usual.”

Brown says he got his new product from a co-op, and he continued to sell to caregivers Thursday afternoon.

“It’s hard to understand when we’ve been working so hard with all our legislators, all our police forces, trying to get some type of compromise here,” said Overholt.

Lt. Nawrocki says investigators will take the evidence they found and prepare their cases for the county prosecutor’s office.

The prosecutor’s office will decide whether or not to press criminal charges.

If so, both Overholt and Brown say they’ll hire lawyers.

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