Medical Marijuana Dispensary Raids In Fresno County, CA

On Wednesday Fresno County, California Sheriff’s deputies raided several medical marijuana dispensaries after receiving numerous complaints from neighbors of the dispensaries. The neighbors say that patients speed down their streets, park and urinate on their lawns, and get into fights in front of the dispensaries. One very observant resident even felt the need to comment on the financial situation of the dispensary patients.  Either Mr. Martinez knows entirely too much about “these people” and their business, or he is being very general with his bigotry. Besides, if they don’t pay rent, where do they live? And what are they speeding down the street in if they can’t make their car payment?  Of course no arrests were made during the raids, because all the deputies wanted was the money and the plants.

The problem with this story of course – besides the cops have no interest in what their actual job is, arresting people who have supposedly broken the law – is the descriptions of these patients from neighbors. Speeding, public urination, fighting. Does this describe any cannabis user you have ever met?  I’ve met hundreds of cannabis users, and have never seen this behavior out of anyone who used weed exclusively. However I have seen all these things from just about every alcoholic I’ve ever met – often on a daily basis.

So what gives? It would be interesting to know just how many bars and liquor stores are in the same area as these dispensaries. If what these neighbors claim is true, it’s awful and the situation should be rectified. But shutting down the dispensaries won’t stop this behavior that is clearly coming from another source.  If neighbors were complaining of empty Cheetos bags littering their lawn or finding Phish concert ticket stubs in the street, I would say it was cannabis users. But common sense tells you those under the influence of marijuana don’t act out in the ways neighbors describe.  In fact, this just sounds like a bad neighborhood. I’ve been in many of those too, and there wasn’t a medical marijuana dispensary within 500 miles.

via : 420Times

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