Medical marijuana edibles reviews: Standing Akimbo mixes medicine with childhood memories

Standing Akimbo’s Buddy Mix took me back to elementary school, when we mixed together rice cereal, peanut butter and sugar in a bag and got an awesome mess of goodness that we called Puppy Chow. Now a grown-up equivalent has been infused with the wonderful medicine that is marijuana, giving patients a snack that both takes them back and sends them floating.

Not only does the mix taste as delicious as that glop I made when I was eight, but it’s perfectly potent. After consuming a little over half the four ounce bag, I wasn’t sure if I should try to consume the rest to get the full 40mg of active THC. I knew my tolerance was high, but half-way through my stomach just couldn’t take any more of the sugary, sticky goodness. Surprisingly, the snack kicked in around a half an hour later and I found myself feeling like I’d just toked up a fat bowl.

​The high was a mellow but effective one that left the body feeling relaxed but productive. There was a constant high for around two hours, then a groggy but quick comedown that left a pinching headache between the eyes for about five minutes before it disappeared. Whether the mind ache was due to the edible or not, it was fast replaced by soberness, which was then care of with the remaining mix in the bag.

The packaging contains an interesting sticker, with a list of ingredients used in the growing process. I’d never seen such info provided with an edible, and although I was more concerned with what came out of the packaging than I was with what went into it, it was reassuring to know that Standing Akimbo has nothing to hide. Standing Akimbo has other scrumptious-looking edibles, like party mix, crackers and different bars; it also makes wedding cakes, holiday pies and other specialty treats that patients can order in the shop or over the phone — including a holiday dinner pie that I plan on serving up in the Skywalker household.

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Medical marijuana edibles reviews: Standing Akimbo mixes medicine with childhood memories, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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