Medical Marijuana for Idaho?

  The first hearing to review a bill that would permit the use of marijuana by seriously ill Idahoans took place yesterday, marking the first time such legislation has been granted a public hearing in the House of Representatives.
If passed, it would be the strictest and most tightly regulated medical marijuana law in the nation.

After hearing from advocates and medical marijuana patients, many lawmakers agreed that it was time to start learning about the benefits of medical marijuana and discussing the possibility of instituting such a program in Idaho.

Committee Chairwoman Janice McGeachin (R-Idaho Falls) said, “Personally, I guess my opinion is that it’s probably much less toxic than a lot of the pharmaceutical drugs that are produced that people take now. To me, this is just kind of a very first step … to start talking about it and learning about it.”

Rep. Trail said, “Like the compassionate laws of our neighbors, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Canada, this legislation seeks to protect seriously ill residents of Idaho from arrest and prosecution for using a treatment method recommended by their physician in the normal course of treatment.

However, we have the benefit of learning from our neighboring states’ experiences.

via : Cannazine

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