Medical Marijuana Leaders Aim to Clear up Misconceptions

The longest surviving Federal cannabis patient travels to the Treasure State today to tackle misconceptions surrounding medical marijuana.

Irvin Rosenfeld of Florida wants to educate Legislators as session continues and the controversy surrounding medical marijuana in Montana looms on the horizon. The Alliance for Cannabis Science and the Montana Medical Growers Association also participated in the discussion at the Capitol today.

Rosenfeld wants Legislators to look at what he calls, the scientific realities of cannabis and suggests that Legislators avoid jumping to conclusions based on opportunists who have exploited the system.

“While this law might have been somewhat abused by one or two people in the state it doesn’t mean that you don’t give medicine to the rest of the patients so what needs to be done is you need to enhance the law that you have, make it stronger to make them realize that this is a medicine, this is a needed medicine, it needs to be treated as a medicine just like any other medicine. What I’ve always said is this; I want it in the middle. If I’m at A and you’re against me, you’re at z, I need to meet you at M.”

On Friday, The Montana Medical Growers Association will be releasing a comprehensive guide to understanding medical marijuana to Legislators.

via : KFBB

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