Medical Marijuana Overhaul

The future of the medical marijuana business is in question today after a panel of lawmakers agreed on a proposal to overhaul the industry.

But, if reform isn’t adopted quickly, the law may not change at all. After months of heated debate lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have agreed on a bill to reform Montana’s medical marijuana law.

State Sen. Cliff Larsen; (D) Missoula said, “423 has really been a colossal effort. Republicans and democrats have worked hard to get a product.”

After considering more than 100 amendments a conference committee unanimously approved a bill that would do away with almost all of the state’s medical marijuana businesses.

“Will we resolve every potential problem? Maybe, maybe not. But I think we’ve taken an important first step in solving this problem.”

Lawmakers agreed to allow providers to grow the drug for up to three patients and to let patients cover provider registration fees.

“I think the people providing this service are heroic because they have gasoline, they gotta get back and forth doing deliveries, they’re buying fertilizer, they’re providing electricity.”

The measure also adopts the board of medical examiners definition of chronic pain.

“I think the stronger definition of severe chronic pain will go a long way to address abuse of that definition in people receiving cards,” said State Rep. Diane Sands (D) Missoula.

The bill now goes to the house and senate for approval. If the governor signs it, all storefronts would have to be closed by July 1, 2011.

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