Medical marijuana patients can now enroll in ‘Pot School’ *VIDEO*

Tucked behind chain-link and barbed-wire, along a quiet street in South Seattle, Jason Semer is teaching at a new “Pot School” which aims to teach medical pot patients how to grow it for themselves. “I’m acting as the ‘Dean of Green’ right now,” Semer said. “Medical cannabis patients need now, more than ever, a place to grow medical cannabis.” Semer and a group of investors got the idea to create the Academy of Cannabis Culture and Technology after a recent change to Washington’s medical marijuana law led to police crackdowns on pot dispensaries across the state.

“Medical cannabis patients are being forced to grow their own medicine and we think they should learn how to do it properly,” Semer said. The school is small — basically a classroom and an office. So far, 70 students have enrolled. They even have student ID cards, a bookstore in the works, a student union building down the street, and an entire curriculum. They offer everything you’d want to know about medical cannabis, from growing and cooking — there’s even a law class. “We don’t actually teach Bong Hits 101,” Semer said. “We teach people how to work within the confines of the law and to do it safely.”


Since medical marijuana is legal, Seattle police say they don’t have an opinion one way or the other. And the King County Sheriff’s Office doesn’t object, as long as the school doesn’t teach people how to break the law. “We’re actually doing the opposite than that,” Semer said. “We don’t want to teach people just to grow pot, when they leave our course we want them to be able to provide for themselves.” Because Semer has marijuana inside the school, he doesn’t want us to give out the school’s exact location. But, the school is legal. Each class costs around $200 and each student is required to show a medical marijuana card before they enroll. If it’s someone under the age of 18 and they have a card, they can get it too.

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