Medical marijuana soon to be legal in Massachusetts

massachusetts_marijuana_law_reform hbtv hemp beach tvIn just a few more days, medical marijuana becomes legal in Massachusetts.

Patients with certain medical conditions will be able to get recommendations from their doctors for marijuana prescriptions as a form of treatment. But there are still many state regulations that haven’t been ironed out just yet, like the marijuana dispensaries across the state and how much marijuana is appropriate for patients.

One man told 22news he doesn’t think the state is ready for it.

“I’m not convinced as to the efficacy of it, as to it actually working. I suppose if they say it does it does. I’d be slow to implement it. And I’d want to think twice. I voted against it,” Richard Pinkos of Chicopee said.

Quincy Democrat Senator John Keenan is urging other lawmakers to join him in trying to delay the law’s implementation for nine months.

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