Medical marijuana supporters use Super Bowl as platform

Supporters of medical marijuana are using the Super Bowl as a platform to urge the NFL and the federal government to lift prohibitions against the use of cannabis. They contend marijuana should have a place in sports medicine as a natural alternative to opiates for treatment of injuries.

Currently, if an NFL player tests positive for cannabis, he can be fined, suspended or banished from the league.

Among those on the panel were former New Olreans Saints player Kyle Turley, who said he became addicted to opiods prescribed to him for injuries sustained as a college and professional player.

“Cannabis is not a cure-all for severe pain and all these real bad, horrific injuries, but you can deal with it better and you don’t get addicted, and you can walk away from this, like walking away from drinking coffee or Coke, or even pizza,” Turley said. “It just takes some willpower. I know what it’s like to come off heavy prescription medication. That was not fun.”

Turley was part of the panel at an event put on at the Revention Music Center called the “Cannibis in Professional Sports Symposium.”

The event was sponsored by Vapen, a company that produces marijuana extracts and inhalers.

SOURCE: Click2Houston

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