Medical marijuana views presented at Tampa debate

medical marijuana debate tampa florida hbtv hemp beach tvThe fight over legalizing medical marijuana in Florida was on center stage Monday night at the University of Tampa. The momentum of the movement across the country has reached Florida and attorney John Morgan has been helping lead the statewide charge. The use of marijuana, for both medical and recreational uses, has become legal in a handful of states. Now, it is Florida’s turn to decide whether to join those states.

Morgan, a prominent central Florida attorney, has become a figurehead in the movement, spending millions to get the measure on November’s ballot. Monday night, Morgan was a part of a debate held at the University of Tampa discussing the medical marijuana issue.

The topic had the audience reacting so much the moderator had to ask them several times to hold their applause.

“The word slippery slope is a scare tactic,” Morgan said. “If we were about slippery slopes and kids getting their hands on them, we’d have to outlaw booze, guns and cars.”
Dr. Eric Voth, chairman of the Institute on Global Drug Policy, and The University of Florida Drug Policy Institute director Kevin Sabet both voiced concerns about smoked marijuana as medicine, regulation, and who would have access.

“Legalization is the end game and marijuana lobby is driving that,” Voth said. “They’re targeting youth and doing the same thing that the tobacco companies did to my generation. “They’ve brought you a Trojan house…don’t let them tell you it’s about medicine.”

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