Medical pot didn’t hurt the state

To repeal medical marijuana now after three sessions of wasted time is just wrong. There have been so many lies told by those for repealing it.

According to Montana state statistics, since medical marijuana passed in 2004 to 2009, Montana’s crime index has declined 15.8 percent, the fewest people died in auto fatalities, teenage marijuana use dropped 28.7 percent, gross domestic product outpaced national averages, workplace injuries declined, workplace fatalities dropped, overall marijuana use fell, and fewer people attended rehab with marijuana as their “primary substance.”

There is $100 million for schools and elderly health care. To miss that opportunity is immoral at best.

via : Billings Gazette

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Medical pot didn't hurt the state, 9.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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  1. Freshman says:

    For Real!!!

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