Medical pot dispensaries seldom face violent crime

Sacramento police said local medical marijuana dispensaries do not tend to attract violent crime at a higher level than other businesses.

“For the most part, dispensaries don’t have that much (of a) crime problem,” Sacramento Police spokesman Norm Leong said. “Although we get some complaints of traffic and stuff like that.”

Owner of A Therapeutic Alternative dispensary Jeanne Larsson said a pair of bars across the street from a nearby middle school attract far more crime than her clinic, or others.

“Armed robbery, drunk driving, credit card fraud, gang activity and a host of other things that have occured during school hours,” Larsson said.

Larsson’s clinic has high resolution cameras, powerful outside lights and an armed watchman as part of it’s security.

Businesses near her dispensary said it has not brought any problems to the area.

“It’s quiet. No crimes.” said Nancy Tan, who works at a dental clinic just behind the dispensary.

Across the street, Shannon Andery, who works at the Pulp Papery, said the clinic has not brought any crime.

“The only problem we have is a lot of times we get customers who don’t know where the shop is and we have to direct them over there. That’s all,” Andery said.

Even when dispensaries do face crime, police said it is rarely violent.

“Violent crime and such don’t happen much,” Leong said. “We get more robberies and burglaries than anything.”

via : News 10

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