Message to Feds: Stop Medical Marijuana Crackdown

State Senator Mark Leno calls for an end to federal attacks on medical marijuana, as Marin Alliance pushes for state ballot initiative. As federal prosecutors step up efforts to close marijuana facilities across the state, State Senator Mark Leno is calling for an end to the attacks. Leno and Assemblyman Tom Ammiano will hold a press conference tomorrow, Oct. 19, at 11 a.m. at the California State building in San Francisco calling for federal agents to stop the crackdown on medical marijuana facilities throughout California.

The Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana in Fairfax, one of the first and only legally-permitted facilities in the state, reported their landlord received a letter stating he must evict them or face prosecution. The dispensary has also been facing a legal battle against the IRS, which argued the business isn’t allowed to take any tax write-offs – making them liable for $1 million in back taxes.

According to The Marin Independent Journal, Lynette Shaw, owner of the Marin Alliance, will also be joining an effort to put an initiative on the November 2012 ballot to require marijuana to be regulated similarly to wine. Do you think marijuana should be legalized? Do you think the US attorneys should crackdown on medical marijuana facilities?

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