Missouri could see pot marijuana legislation by 2016

Youth crime rates in California have reached record lows and a new study says that’s thanks in big part to the state’s decriminalization of marijuana.

Don’t be surprised to see easing marijuana legislation on Missouri’s ballot during the next presidential election. That from John Payne with Show Me Cannabis.

He says off-year elections tend to draw out older, more conservative voters, but under the right circumstances, things could change in Missouri. “Presidential-year elections, when turn-out is younger.

A little bit more accepting of new ideas and so that’s one of the drawbacks of 2014, but we think by 2016 we’ll be able to pass something here in Missouri,” says Payne.

He says what’s happening in California should help young people in the long-term, as they’ll no longer be branded criminals for the rest of their lives for something that today, is legal in some states.

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