MMJ Community Responds to Federal Crackdown

DENVER, Colo. — Days after the federal government threatened to seize 23 Colorado dispensaries within 1,000 feet of a school, the state’s medical marijuana community is responding. In a joint statement between ACT4Colorado, Cannabis Business Alliance, Medical Marijuana Business Alliance, Medical Marijuana Industry Group, National Cannabis Industry Association, and Sensible Colorado, the industry defended the dispensaries. “Medical Marijuana Centers in Colorado comply with the most stringent regulations in any state with medical marijuana laws,” the statement read. “Our businesses sell tightly regulated and tracked medicinal products to patients with severe and chronic conditions.

Patients and the doctors that recommend this medicine are also heavily regulated by the state government. These stores are not open to the General public. Only authorized patients are allowed to purchase medicine. “We agree that cannabis, like all medicinal products, should never be accessible to children. Our state and local regulations are the most effective way to ensure safe dispensing and the prevention of diversion of this medicine. State and local regulators provide checks and balances in the system and ensure strict compliance with the law regardless of the location. Our system of laws in Colorado provides the safety that communities expect.” U.S. Attorney John Walsh warned these dispensaries in question to move in the next 45 days or face seizure.

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