Mobile home turned into marijuana growing operation

Southwest of Mannford you’ll find a mobile home that nobody lives in. Creek County detectives say the man renting it had a large and extensive marijuana growing operation going on inside. “Our detectives received information of an indoor marijuana grow,” Corporal Kevin Haney said. Armed with that tip and a search warrant, detectives headed to the home.

No one was home. But they didn’t need to look inside to know something was up. “As soon as we knocked and walked around the house you could smell the marijuana coming from the residence,” Haney said. When the investigators got inside, they found plants all over the house. Large ones planted in pots were in the bedrooms; around back there was an area specially built with plants hanging from the ceiling.

“They had a lot of lamps, water supply, a lot of money that just went in to the equipment,” Haney said. When all the marijuana was pulled out onto the front lawn, there were about 250 plants. Detectives say the suspect has been seen stopping by the house every couple of weeks, only staying about 30 minutes. Some unusual behavior that’s connected to an unusual find for the Creek County Sheriff’s Department.

“Generally, you’d go into a house on a search warrant and there’d be four to ten marijuana plants. This is one of the larger ones,” Haney said. Detectives said they found even more marijuana at the suspect’s home in Tulsa. His name isn’t being released until detectives make an arrest. This is the third marijuana bust this week alone.

A father and son were arrested in the Skiatook area, on Wednesday. That same day another huge bust netted nearly 2,000 plants near Foyil in Rogers County.

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