Mobile Medical Marijuana Dispensary Hits the Streets in San Francisco

Lifted Health and Wellness (aka Lifted420) is literally the buzz around San Francisco. The new company delivers a selection of high-quality, low-priced medical marijuana products to their patient-members’ doors on environmentally friendly electric scooters.

“We offer one-hour delivery to member-patients’ home, office, or other convenient location,” said William, founder of Lifted Health and Wellness. “We offer at least ten different types of premium grade medicinal marijuana—and post daily specials on our website and Facebook that feature different combinations of cannabis varieties.”

Lifted’s delivery service was developed to address the needs of cancer patients, the elderly, people living with HIV or MS, and others who may have challenges getting around town; but William notes that most of Lifted’s clients simply prefer the convenience and safety of home delivery.

“There have been incidents of people staking out San Francisco pot dispensaries and robbing patients as they leave,” said William. “Delivery is a much safer option.”

To ensure compliance with city and state laws, prospective members must produce proper documentation before they can become members: a current medical marijuana recommendation from a certified health professional and a current California State ID.

Lifted is also environmentally responsible. They cultivate the medicines they sell to ensure it is 100% organic, green, and grown in a sustainable manner. Factories that produce their indoor-grown varieties are powered from solar panels lining their roofs. Delivery by electric scooters also helps protect the environment.

For more information about home delivery of medicinal marijuana in San Francisco or Lifted Health and Wellness, call (877) 388-5860 or visit their website at

via : Red Orbit

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