Moms for Marijuana Pushes for Legalization

moms for marijuana hbtv hemp beach tvAs the saying goes “Mom knows best!” But do they? One local mother is saying she wants a drug to become legalized. “When he was alive my goal was to be a brain surgeon, so I could fix him, as I got older I realized that cannabis can fix a lot of things.” Patty Mary says. She is the Fargo Chapter Leader of Moms for Marijuana.

Patty’s father was in pain much of his life. Now as a mother of 6 her passion isn’t just for taking care of her kids, but also to get marijuana legalized in North Dakota. “Education is the key, awareness, that’s what we’re trying to do as a whole as a group, is get the word out and educate people.” Patty says.

From Facebook to a quilt, leaders of Mom’s for Marijuana like patty want their group to educate their kids and the community on cannabis, marijuana and hemp. “It’s the old reefer madness, you know, doing what you’ve been told for years, it’s bad it’s bad so therefore it is bad, do your research, ask somebody about it.” Patty urges.

Fargo Police say all drugs have negative affects to the community, but Patty says she focuses on the positives of the plant she believes in. “You’d be amazed, there are little kids that are being saved from seizures.” She says. 20 states and Washington D.C. all have legalized medical marijuana. In Colorado recreational marijuana is also legal, and Patty says she’s pushing it in North Dakota so people like her father would not have to suffer in pain.

“there’s a little kid that was having 300 seizures a day,” she says shaking her head, “and now she’s down to none, and that all has to do with medical cannabis, what more could you want?”

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