Monster Hunter/Animal Crossing Mashup Gets Sequel

Along with very faintly touting a mysterious brand-new title, Capcom also used this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine to release screens and details on a sequel to Monhan Nikki: Pokapoka Airu-mura, the PSP game that uses the Monster Hunter world for an Animal Crossing-like experience.

Titled Monhan Nikki: Pokapoka Airu-mura G, the sequel is slated to run along similar lines to the original game, released on the PSP last August in Japan. You play a Felyne (the catlike species that helps out the player in the main Monster Hunter series) as he talks to fellow villagers, completes quests, and tries to attract more fellow Felynes to the town he’s building up.

The “G” sequel is more of an expansion pack upon the original than anything else — in fact, unless you carry your save data over from the previous game, the new content won’t even kick off until you expand your village’s population to the 77 Felynes that appeared in the original. New features include extra characters, revamped town amenities (including a new bath and public kitchen area), and a variety of “G-class” quests and monsters inspired by stuff that appears in the main series.

The game, which Capcom pegged at 50% complete, is due out this summer in Japan.


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