Montana’s Medical Marijuana Industry Dying On The Vine

The federal government has been bought off by the pharmaceutical companies for many purposes, but the main one is the destruction of medical marijuana. The deadly drugs they push cannot stand up against the competition from this non-toxic, natural plant. Other states are feeling the brunt of this bribery besides California, and one of the first states to get hit by the new round of crackdowns was Montana. A combination of new state policy and federal raids is crushing Montana’s medical marijuana industry, and by design. Less medical marijuana access equals more prescription pills sold. The number of medical marijuana businesses in Missoula, MT has dropped from 63 to 38, but that’s not the worst of it.

The number of people with state-approved medical marijuana cards [in the state] dropped from a high of 30,036 in June to 10,236 last month – just about where it was 18 months ago. The number of providers plummeted even more sharply, from a high of 4,848 in March to 383 last month.Besides the sheer economic cost of this, you have to imagine all the patients being cared for and who had some kind of legal protection in Montana for their medicating. Many must now either do without, get cannabis from the black market or go on some kind of dangerous and addicting prescription pills. Is this how we want to take care of sick people in this country? Is it better for a sick person to have to go to a drug dealer for their medicine as long as a recreational user can’t buy weed at a dispensary?

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