Moratoriums on medical marijuana dispensaries approved in Linden, Fenton city limits

LINDEN, Michigan — Both cities of Linden and Fenton have either placed or extended moratoriums on medical marijuana businesses in their city limits.

In Linden, the city council addressed the issue, approving a moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries and caregiver facilities for 180 days.

“This (moratorium) isn’t saying that this is never going to happen,” said Linden’s city Attorney Matt McKone. “What it’s saying is give us a chance to figure out where we are going to put them (dispensaries/care giver facilities).”

The moratorium temporary prohibits certain land uses connected with the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

Medical marijuana is legal under the state law but still remains illegal under federal law.

In Fenton, the city council extended its moratorium for an additional six months. The city council first enacted the moratorium in August, while it creates an ordinance addressing the issue and extended it because it isn’t finished.

Mayor Sue Osborn said the moratorium allows the city another six months to determine the legal aspects of the issue, while preventing commercial dispensaries from coming into the city before its ordinance is enacted.

“We’re trying to control it,” Osborn said.

Some Genesee County cities, like Flint and Burton, are seeing medical marijuana business popping up. Burton has given the formal OK to one dispensary. On Monday Flint City Council also approved a moratorium.

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