Mountlake Terrace Is Too Good for Medical-Marijuana Dispensaries

The hippies in the Washington State Legislature might think it’s OK to pass some bill that allows medical marijuana to be “dispensed” at neighborhood Satan shops. But not the good folks on the Mountlake Terrace City Council. They’ve made good and sure that wacky-tobaccy outlets will not be allowed in their suburb.

The P-I reports that city lawmakers, worried about the evil murmurings out of Olympia, passed a resolution outlawing medical-marijuana dispensaries a month ago, and that it goes into effect this week.

Meanwhile, the Washington Senate is set to hash out an amended medical-marijuana bill–SB 5073–which both chambers of the legislature have already passed and which only needs minor tweaks before heading to Gov. Chris Gregoire’s desk for her Jane Hancock.

It’s not the first time Mountlake Terrace has said “Hell, no” to pot dispensaries. In late 2009, the city chased out Todd Madison and Aaron Panagoss, who had dreamed of turning their home-operated dispensary into a bona fide storefront. It was not only the pot purveyors who felt wronged, but the building’s landlord, who had been hit hard by the recession and just wanted to rent out her building.

Logic says there are plenty of other Mountlake Terrace landlords who also have vacant properties where a good old-fashioned dispensary would fit nicely.

via : Seattle Weekly

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