Munchie Minute Ep26 Super Mac n Cheese

Thank you Noah for this amazing twist on a familiar classic!

Cure the munchies with this Super Mac n Cheese!

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Munchie Minute Ep26 Super Mac n Cheese, 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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  1. JBlaze says:

    Love the vids and the ideas. I have an idea but it involves alcohol…

    Mix at your discretion for your taste, however, this is what I do.

    a bunch of Vanilla ice cream
    1 banana
    1 bottle of Guinness (yes the beer)or your favorite dark beer.
    mix ice cream and banana in blender and add guiness…you can add guiness before you blend but sometimes froths on you if the blender speed is too high, after you’ve added Guinness mix again, I stir the Guinness in like a float…Cheers and enjoy!!

    Jay Blaze

  2. MunchieMinute says:

    We are not opposed to alcohol. My brother just got back from Ireland and he visited the Guiness brewery. We will definitly have to try this one. If you could send this recipe to our email we can keep better track of it. Thanks,

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