Shuts Down is closing its doors after five years in business and many satisfied customers.

The site, which takes the stats and achievements from your Xbox 360 gamercard and slices and dices the info and presents it in a variety of new ways (such as leaderboards, turning your achievement points as a percentage, and much more), has closed. According to founder Jason Young, the site’s demise was due to everything from declining ad revenues, competition, and Microsoft itself.

Here’s an excerpt from the goodbye at the site (head over there for more):

“…In the past few years, that love for community has been lost by Microsoft. The closure of customer-to-company community-centric interfaces (that weren’t tech support (no disrespect towards the awesome @Xboxsupport!)) was a huge blow for Xbox fans. Especially those who really felt like they had a connection to the company they were spending their disposable income on. Similarly, the Xbox Community Developer Program – the program that was essentially created for MyGamerCard and a select few similarly broad-minded community projects – stagnated, with extremely few updates or new data features (despite constant requests), and waning communication as Xbox was not allocating any time to the program… Thank you again for your praises, suggestions, and criticisms; awards, interviews and invites; and Tweets, Friend Requests, emails, and posts. But most of all, thank you for being a part of MyGamerCard!

via: GameInformer

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