N.J. Medical Marijuana Advocates Blast Proposed Regulations

Medical marijuana advocates on Thursday said the regulations New Jersey has proposed for medicinal cannabis make no sense for businesses, patients or doctors.

A state Senate hearing consisted mostly of advocates criticizing the proposed regulations, which had few defenders there, reports The Associated Press.
The hearing was one step in a rarely used constitutional maneuver the Legislature is using in an attempt to force Gov. Chris Christie’s health department to come up with more workable regulations.
Some lawmakers contend that the rules drafted by the Christie Administration don’t follow the intent of the legislation through with the Legislature authorized medical marijuana. Activists have also accused Christie of dragging his feet and needlessly delaying safe access for the state’s seriously ill patients.

After the hearing, the next step is a legislative vote to invalidate Christie’s regulations. There must be at least a 20-day wait before the vote.

via : Toke of the Town

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