Needless Loss of Life in Mexico Can End If U.S. Legalizes Marijuana

The United States will be spending another $1.4 billion dollars, according to the Associated Press, defending the borders from drug lords and making dangerous arrests of smugglers using countless man hours in a war they will never win. This can all end with one simple solution and it will spur the economy at the same time.

Legalize marijuana in the U.S. and the loss of life and billions of dollars will be saved yearly. This is an obvious uphill battle to push legislation this controversial through state legislatures but it must go farther than just individual states. Marijuana should be legalized by the Federal government, taxed and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Why are we so resistant to legalize a drug that is less dangerous than beer or hard liquor? Many politicians are shooting themselves in the foot by not pushing this legislation. The tax revenue generated by this new industry, along with the jobs created and the special permits will erase billions of dollars in debt and relieve thousands of police officers to focus on more pressing issues.

This is exactly why this will never happen. Enforcing laws and arresting “criminals” for breaking laws pertaining to marijuana is big business also. Unfortunately private industries that own and manage prisons are the ones making the most money in the War on Drugs.

The industries that are profiting the most from the War on Drugs? There are 1.5 million United States citizens arrested on marijuana charges every year. 500,000 of them end up in the prison system because of the War on Drugs and this number will increase as the big business of building prisons continues.

The United States has turned a blind eye to the violence just across the border. The Obama Administration commits money and enforcement agents as a band-aid they know will not come close to fixing the problem. The drugs will continue to flow across the border and innocent men and women will continue to die until marijuana is legalized.

The deaths of all the men and women in the drug wars over the last 40 years can be attributed to the United States drug policy. One simple law will create two peaceful and industrious nations, the United States and Mexico, by legalizing marijuana.

via : The Associated Press

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