New BioShock Infinite Contest Will Put Your Name In The Game

There’s not shortage of video game contests — it’s nearly a standard part of the marketing plan for a game these days. However, t-shirts fade with time, special limited edition figurines get broken by overzealous nephews, and most swag just isn’t that permanent. That’s why Irrational’s new BioShock Infinite contest is so appealing — it’s your chance to win video game immortality.

In a new post on the Irrational site, the company announced that it has launched “Get Your Name in the Game,” an appropriately titled new giveaway. Much like businesses in the original BioShock (like Sinclair Spirits) were named after Irrational team members, if you win this contest your name will be immortalized in the same way. However, how this happens is up to Irrational, as revealed by this section of the contest page: “You could end up as the namesake of a building, a character, a business–whatever our artists come up with. It’s the ultimate bragging rights.”The contest has proven popular. When it went live last night, the overwhelming response caused the contest page to crash, something that Irrational has now fixed. You enter by heading to the contest page and submitting your name and email. The submission period ends April 13 at 11:59 Eastern standard time. Good luck!

via: GameInformer

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