New pro marijuana documentary hints at police state

The next installment of the pro marijuana series WeedGeist takes a new direction implementing a growing police state in the Untied States, and we the people just might be the ones funding our own demise. The series, by the local Arizona group Deceptive Studioz, isn’t just about the push for medical marijuana in America, but for complete decriminalization of cannabis and hemp. However the film does touch on the need to provide marijuana for suffering patients, but it’s focus expands well outside just medical means.

This installment named “WeedGeist: Prison State”, outline how some states such as Arizona, uses arrests, incarcerations and the court system to fund resources and services for the state. It suggests that state governments illegally and immorally rely on creating criminals and harder criminals from petty offenses to line the pockets of officials, fund more imprisonments and provide services to rich voters.

“WeedGeist: Prison State is the sequel to the controversial and informative documentary WeedGeist. This installment goes beyond the necessary reasons to legalize marijuana, and shows the absolutely necessary evidence to completely legalize medical marijuana and end the punishment of patients who need it. Then outlines how state and federal governments use incarcerations to fund tyranny of the American people by using petty offenses such as marijuana possession to create harder criminals.

But the fight doesn’t end with these documentaries, nor is WeedGeist its self a movement. The movement is freedom, and the place is The United States, the army is all of us. Please join our movement by blogging, by sharing information, by exercising your rights, by fighting back against tyranny and by never submitting our your knees.” as stated by films description. The documentary is produced by amateur film makers, but is done very well with tons of information and news clips which support the cause. This film is a must watch and is free for all.

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