New Raid Coming to Rift

The excellent post-launch support for Rift from Trion Worlds looks set to continue with the second large patch. The first, put out a couple weeks ago, was filled with class and bug fixes and added outdoor raid-level Rifts.

The focus for this patch, however, is on a week-long invasion by Alsbeth the Discordant, a recurring villain. Alsbeth will command legions of undead all across Telara, with players of all levels having the opportunity to get involved. And get involved they should, because the event will be home to unique rewards that can’t be had elsewhere, and won’t be had again. Rewards will include zombifying disguises and a Spectral Horse mount, and once the event is over, the items will never be given out again.

There will still be something to do, though, as the event leads into a brand new 20-player raid instance where players will be tasked with hunting Alsbeth herself and bringing her to justice. The raid is only for level 50 players, but the invasion event will be open to everyone.

The patch goes live on the 30th.

via: IGN

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