New show Dad’s with Seth Green 2nd episode all about the pot brownies

dads marijuana brownies hbtv hemp beach tvDavid sits beside his son, Eli… awkwardly close. Crawford comes into work to talk to Warner, excited about a new business venture… penguin meat. Veronica comes in, upset because a rival company’s stock is way up. Eli and Warner have stock in the company and are profiting. Veronica tells them they need to get a good concept together, and Warner checks Eli’s eyes. He’s not stoned.

“Are you trying to ruin this company?” They stage an intervention, and Eli promises he’ll get high off the special brownies Vernoica hands him. At home, David sits close to Eli again. The brownie is missing… David helped himself. He’s in a great mood and for once has nothing to complain about. He kisses Eli on the mouth and apologizes for not saying he loves him enough.

In bed with Camilla, Warner worries that Eli hasn’t had a good idea since his dad moved in. Camilla starts to “relieve his tension” but Crawford interrupts. The next day, Warner asks about Eli’s new ideas, but Eli is focused on how happy David was on his pot brownie. Nervously, Warner leaves a pot brownie on the counter for Crawford, and runs off with his wife to bed.

Warner comes into work elated by the sleep and sex he got during the night, but Veronica tries to get them back on track with a new game. Crawford shows up at Eli’s apartment, confused and stoned. He’s sad and worried. The two sing and play the guitar and contemplate global warming.

Camilla goes into work trying to find Crawford, and Veronica spills the beans about the brownies. Camilla tackles him. The boys go and confess to their fathers that they have been drugging them. David and Crawford laugh – they knew they were getting stoned. “I could pot you under the table, son.”

They challenge their kids to a pot-off. They’ll stop getting stoned… if Eli and Warner can eat more brownies. The games begin. Warner is out first, but he rallies, and finishes off the last brownie. He builds himself a pillow fort and refuses to emerge. Crawford ends up calling 911 for himself. Eli and David are holding it together pretty well. Eli wants to know the answer to the big question – did he love Eli’s mother? David says he didn’t really love anyone until Eli was born.

They go to split a pound of turkey and find Warner in the fridge. At work, Warner admits he is on lockdown from Camilla now, and Veronica threatens Eli into spitting out a new game idea. “Fear is the new pot.”

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