Next WoW Expansion Will Probably Feature New Land

Cataclysm isn’t even out yet, and lead systems designer Greg Street is already talking about the next World of Warcraft expansion. Read on to find out what players can expect next.

Speaking with CVG, Street revealed that the next WoW expansion will likely feature a new area. “I think the next expansion will be something more like a new continent approach. More like the Burning Crusade or Nothrend, where we send players somewhere new that they haven’t seen before.” 

Street added that while the rest of world will probably stay the same except for some polishing and tweaks, WoW’s story will be receiving more attention. “…we have this weird story now where you almost go back in time when you hit the Burning Crusade and Lich King content. …You’re hearing all about Deathwing and all the destruction and then you leave Azeroth and go to Outland and they’re talking about Illidin. That’s a little bit of a non-sequitur, particularly for new players. …We need to make that whole story a little smoother.”

Street also stated that now that Cataclysm is almost here, the team will start working on the next add-on soon-ish. “We want to get expansions out on fairly regular schedules so we can’t really sit back for too long.”

via: game informer

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