Nintendo 3DS Delivery Problems In UK?

I know we Americans like to think we’re better than our brothers and sisters in Europe, but today, The Old World Wins: The Nintendo 3DS is out over the sea, meaning that us yanks are just sitting around on our thumbs until Sunday, playing with our antique, two-dimensional handhelds. But it’s not all tea and crumpets in England. There are reports coming in that Amazon has messed up people’s 3DS pre-orders, and many gamers have taken to the internet to register their displeasure. Here’s a thread of English belly-achers.

Sample post:

“I paid for expedited, ordered on the 19th Jan and I’m still sitting on “Not Yet Dispatched”. I cant imagine they are going to manage delivery for today, like they say. Extremely disappointed, last time I pre-order hardware with Amazon.”

Amazon has issued a statement saying:

“Thousands of customers have already received their Nintendo 3DS console and we will continue to make deliveries throughout the day.”

We’ll have to wait until Sunday to play the system here in the States. Who among you is buying one of these devices?

via: G4

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