Nintendo 3DS Region Locked

Nintendo’s much-anticipated 3DS handheld will apparently be region-locked, meaning that software will only work on hardware from the corresponding territory.

That could be bad news for anyone hoping to import the console upon its release in Japan on February 26, or those hoping to sample any of the games that won’t make it over to their own shores.

Confirmation seemingly came from an email from Nintendo of Japan, spotted and translated by NeoGAF. While region-locking is historically commonplace on home consoles (Sony’s PS3 a recent exception), handhelds have traditionally been free from the restriction – that is until the release of Nintendo’s DSi and DSi XL which introduced the feature.

European and American customers may not have to wait too long for the release of the 3DS, however, with the current March release window for those territories expected to be narrowed down to a specific date next week.

via: gameinformer

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