No Getting High and Driving on New Year’s Eve LAPD ‘Oral Swab’ a Real Deal Breaker

lapd oral marijuana swab hbtv hemp beach tvAs revellers and party-goers are prepping up for the approaching New Year festivities, the Los Angeles Police Department will introduce a portable drug test kit that does not require a blood sample. LAPD has ramped up its effort to address the increased use of marijuana and other drugs among the revellers, especially those behind the wheels.

The LAPD will provide the portable tool at every DUI (driving under the influence) checkpoint. The officers will conduct breath analyzer tests to check blood-alcohol content and drug tests at all sobriety checkpoints in the city on New Year’s eve. The LAPD officials brought in the drug test due to the increase in number of users of medicial marijuana.

At all sobriety checkpoints, the LAPD officers will ask drivers to take up the voluntary test, for which oral fluids from their gumline and cheeks will be collected. The tip of the tool is then inserted into the portable machine for immediate testing.

The portable device will ease the burden on the police force as earlier blood tests were required to confirm the drug, before arresting a drugged driver. Further, what is certainly going to dent the New Year ‘high’ for many, is the fact that the portable fluid test can easily detect the use of cocaine, xanax, methadone, THC and many other chemicals. The oral swab test can even detect trace amounts of drug use hidden in saliva.

Be warned, the LAPD will be on the lookout. However, there are also reports that the saliva-based drug test has a high rate of inaccuracies.

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No Getting High and Driving on New Year's Eve LAPD 'Oral Swab' a Real Deal Breaker, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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