No, marijuana isn’t equal to booze

alcohol marijuana hbtv hemp beach tvMarijuana activists need to just stop when it comes to complaining that pot isn’t seen as a social equal to alcohol. On Friday, activists demonstrated outside of the governor’s mansion in a publicity stunt — with one donning a toga — to question why Gov. John Hickenlooper promotes craft beer use over pot use.

Come on, folks. You won a statewide vote to legalize marijuana. And shops opened in January. Amendment 64 said marijuana should be “regulated like alcohol.” But it doesn’t have to be as socially accepted as alcohol. That will take more time.

Friday was the start of Colorado Craft Beer Week, and the governor is a former brewer. He put taps in the mansion to acknowledge Colorado as a leader in the craft beer industry with more than 200 breweries and pubs in the state. The legal retail marijuana industry is in the third month of its infancy.

Laws are still being written around pot’s regulation and the world is watching to see how it will work. So far so good. The weed industry should accept its discreet place for now and let the governor quaff his craft beer in peace.

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